Celebration Menu

Providing Food for Classroom Celebrations Just Got Easier!

Epicurean is now offering a “Carey Celebrations Menu” of delicious and healthy foods that can be ordered for classroom birthday celebrations, holiday parties, etc.  You can choose from smoothies, fruit & deli meat trays, yogurt parfaits and more!
Menu Below!

Orders will be delivered to the appropriate classroom at the event time.  Place an order at least 48 hours prior to event by contacting Rafa at [email protected].  Payments will be made through the student’s “My School Bucks” account.

Birthday Celebration Menu – Groups of 20 +

  1. All Fruit Smoothies (9 oz.)   $2.25   Made from whole fruit with no sugar added
  2. Non-Fat, all natural yogurt parfaits  $2.25 with fresh seasonal fruit and no added sugar (9 oz.)
  3. House Made Trail Mix (8 oz.)   $1.75 (Chex type cereal, dried cranberries, coconut flakes and granola
  4.  Popcorn (12 oz.) $2.00
  5.  All Fruit Pops  $2.25 Frozen fresh fruit, pureed and frozen on a stick with no added sugar
  6. Fresh Fruit Spears or Chunks (9 oz.)  $2.25 with non-fat, all natural yogurt dip (2 oz.)  $3.25 winter price
  7. Fruit, Meat and Cheese Tray  $3.25 Seasonal fruits, sliced meats and cheese
  8. Infused Water Drink  $1.00 (different fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs)

Ordering Process

  • Orders MUST be in 48 hours in advance.
  • Payment is made through your child’s “My School Bucks” account at the time of service.
  • Orders are comprised of 20 orders of “X” not 5 of A, 5 of B, 5 of c and 5 of D.
  • To order, please contact Chef Rafa Calderon at [email protected]

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